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NACCE2016 Product Education Sessions


Product Education Sessions

Sunday, October 9th from 3:30 PM - 4:45 PM


Direct Selling & Your Entrepreneurship Curricula


Are you including cutting edge information on the "gig economy" and the increasing demand for independent work in your courses? Direct selling is growing nationally for all demographic segments of the entrepreneurial population and the distribution channel is more relevant to your Entrepreneurship students than ever—consider how including it in your entrepreneurship and marketing curricula could add value and applied learning to your courses.

The Direct Selling Education Foundation’s (DSEF) new academic initiative is poised to help community college educators fill the gap in the literature and textbooks around the direct sales channel and the industry. At this Product Education Session, you can become an educational partner with the DSEF at no cost and receive immediate access to the Direct Selling Entrepreneur Workshop, a free curriculum module for your college.

Differentiate your Entrepreneurship or Business program by sharing this innovative go-to-market strategy as a way to stage up your students' business ideas and as a low-barrier self-employment pathway for micro-entrepreneurs.

Learning Objectives:

  • Strategies to embed the materials into existing Business, Marketing or Entrepreneurship courses as a special topic for face-to-face or online courses
  • How to provide it as a flexible 1 to 3 hour seminar for continuing education or student enrichment
  • How to offer it as a free community workshop to recruit new students to your college's Entrepreneurship program

Nancy Laichas, Chief of Entrepreneurship Initiatives, Direct Selling Education Foundation, DC

Christine Pigsley, Entrepreneurship Consultant/Corporate Trainer/Instructor- Applied Organizational Studies, Minnesota State University Mankato, MN

Room: Big Sur B



Ice House Student Success Program

The Ice House Student Success Program (IHSS) has impacted student success and persistence at community colleges across the U.S. IHSS is a student success and first year experience course that inspires and engages students with the perseverance and determination of an entrepreneurial mindset needed to succeed academically and in life. Expanding upon Who Owns the Ice House? Eight Life Lessons from an Unlikely Entrepreneur, IHSS encompasses student success concepts in the context of an entrepreneurial mindset. The program provides for experiential learning beyond the classroom, making connections, and building relationships that can support students throughout college and beyond.

Learning Objectives:

  • Learn how IHSS impacts student success and persistence
  • Understand IHSS philosophy, concepts and delivery model
  • View a demo of IHSS in a Learning Management System

Bree Langemo, J.D., President, The Entrepreneurial Learning Initiative

Rob Herndon, Vice President of Strategic Partnerships, The Entrepreneurial Learning Initiative

Dr. Andrew ‘Andy’ Gold, Associate Professor, Entrepreneurship & Business Administration, Hillsborough Community College

Beth Kerly, Faculty and Entrepreneurship Program Co-Founder, Hillsborough Community College, FL

Room: Trinity



Using HP LIFE In Your Classroom, CTE Program, SBDC/SBC and More!

HP LIFE e-Learning is a free, self-paced, online program available for students, entrepreneurs, and small business owners to learn the skills needed to establish and/or grow a business. HP LIFE provides 25 interactive course modules covering topics in finance, operations, marketing and communications, numerous recorded presentations and webinar opportunities, a business planning tool and many other teaching and student resources . Available in seven languages, HP LIFE is used by over 600,000 students, entrepreneurs and small business owners across the globe, and in community college classrooms like yours across the US.

Learning Objectives:

  • Watch an overview of HP LIFE eLearning
  • Discuss how to implement HP LIFE in a business classroom, CTE program or SBDC/SBC outreach

Leah Deppert, Manager of Marketing & Communications, NACCE

Darcie L. Tumey, Director for Business Administration, Catawba Valley Community College

Room: Ventura


Teaching QuickBooks

Intuit is excited to be donating QuickBooks to NACCE members. We will be discussing best practices on how to utilize the donation and teach QuickBooks in the classroom.

Learning Objectives:

  • Learn how to access QuickBooks for your class
  • Discuss how to use QuickBooks as a teaching tool for bookkeeping and financial management training

Erin Moos, Senior Manager, Strategic Philanthropy, Intuit

Trevor Matheson, VP, Intuit QuickBooks Training by Real World Training

Room: Tahoe


ShopBot Tools, Inc: We Make the Tools for Making the Future

Whether you are prototyping a new design, or putting a product into production, ShopBot’s CNC routers are valuable tools for your Digital Lab/Maker Space/Manufacturing Facility. With a range of sizes and configurations, ShopBots can mill a circuit board, or manufacture large scale designs such as furniture and theatre sets. Engrave or machine wood, plastics, and non-ferrous metals. Computer-Aided-Design (CAD) and –Machining (CAM) softwares included with each ShopBot make it easy for beginners to get started, or advanced engineers to import their files for complex 3D machining.

Learning Objectives:

  • Experience the power of ShopBot in Education and in Manufacturing
  • Teach skills for existing jobs, or push the envelope to innovate new products
  • With a network for Distributed Manufacturing: design globally, manufacture locally

Sallye Coyle, Ph.D. Director of Community Outreach, ShopBot Tools, Inc.

Room: Big Sur A


Creating an Entrepreneurship Education Pathway from High Schools to Community Colleges

Entrepreneurship education at both the high school and community college level is more popular than ever.  However, there are few communities that are connecting the high school programs with those that are being implemented in community colleges.  Join us as we share our thoughts and experiences in creating an entrepreneurship education pathway between secondary schools and colleges. Brainstorm potential next steps within your community to create a robust local ecosystem of entrepreneurship education.

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand the concept and value of an entrepreneurship pathway
  • Elevate your entrepreneurship program through innovative curriculum
  • Develop new revenue strategies for your community college

Kevin Gadd, VP of Education Solutions, StrateSphere

Victor Salama, VP of Business Development, StrateSphere

Room: Golden State

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