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8th Annual Conference | Audio & Video Package | 2010

Strategic Entrepreneurship - Collaboration Strategies to Maximize Resources for Entrepreneurship Centers - Suzanne Hollo
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The NACCE 2010 Conference Recordings

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32 Sessions of Audio, 8 Sessions of PowerPoint Video and 13 Sessions of Full Video in one package or as individual downloads or DVD.
Right now, there are MILLIONS of people that want to create their own businesses. Our economy in recent years has many wanting desperately to change their lives. They want to...

  • Launch an idea
  • Plan a business properly
  • Sell more products/services
  • Learn how to be a boss
  • Attract Capital
  • Develop partnerships
  • Master time management
  • Master their time and focus
  • Develop substantial revenues
  • Grow within the community
  • Etc...

Community Colleges Are Key

As you know, the community college is a natural place for people to come who really want to change their lives. Our schools provide an affordable education, and our professors are more closely connected to students and the community. In many cases students are taught by someone practicing in the field. The entire premise of the National Association for Community College Entrepreneurship has been that the community college is key to entrepreneurship education and economic vitality.

Does Your School Have A Plan?

Your college could be the place where people who want to make big changes in their lives come. Whether you already have a program or not you've GOT to make it better because...

  • You can participate in the exciting movement toward entrepreneurship education at community colleges. No more is this the exclusive domain of the big, prestigious, four-year schools.
  • You can help people in a DEEPER way than you may be doing already. Entrepreneurs are serious about changing their lives.
  • Entrepreneurship education gets deep inside the hearts and minds of your students and helps them overcome their deepest, darkest fears, and move toward their biggest hopes and dreams.

Secrets of Successful Community College Entrepreneurship Education

  • All community colleges that are successful with their programs have ONE thing in common. They all have a System.
  • After years of trial and error they've figured out how to build winning entrepreneurship programs.
  • If you want to build a successful program you MUST have a systematic way of setting up, and building your program.

Guess what? The schools that struggle have something in common too. They don't have a systematic way of approaching their entrepreneurship programs.

The schools that don't have a system for effectively building their entrepreneurship programs often question their decision to launch a program in the first place. Don't let this be you.

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It's Affordable

The content covered at our conference is highly specialized and therefore incredibly valuable. It's expensive to plan, build, and manage our conference and assemble the experts that join us and speak each year. Yet we know how important this is to you who are working hard to build quality entrepreneurship programs. One of our commitments at NACCE is to expand our content offerings and to develop audio and video packages that "hit home” and are affordable. Comparable associations charge thousands for the complete content we offer. Our audio package is actually priced at less than you would incur coming to the conference and is a great choice for attendees and those at your school who couldn't attend.


Join These Smart Members That Rely On NACCE Audio Packages

Here are just some of the schools that have taken advantage of our powerful audio packages:

  • Anne Arundel Community College
  • Brevard Community College
  • Bunker Hill Community College
  • Central Texas Business Resource Center
  • City Colleges of Chicago
  • Daytona State College
  • Gateway Community College
  • Harrisburg Area Community College
  • Lord Fairfax Community College
  • Muskegon Community College
  • Niels Brock Copenhagen Business College
  • North Central State College
  • Northwest College
  • Norwalk Community College
  • Palm Beach State College
  • Rancho Santiago Community College
  • Santa Monica College
  • South Arkansas Community College
  • SUNY Westchester Community College

Don't Miss Out

You can suffer through lots of starts and stops wondering if you're doing things right, or you can take advantage of this offer and be sure you have what you need; complete recordings that you can listen to or watch again and again, study, and use as your guide to building a winning program.

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