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Marketing Guidelines and Checklists

Event Planning Checklist

When hosting a NACCE Summit on your campus, preparation and organization are the keys to success. The size and scope of your event will dictate how many of the activities listed below need to be integrated into your plan.

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Planning: Step 1

  • Essential Questions:
    1. What is your vision of the day?
    2. Who is your target market?
    3. What will their takeaways from the day be?
  • Set up your record-keeping process and create an event binder.
  • Make sure NACCE has given you access to your Summit SmartSheet.
  • Work with NACCE to develop the budget, timeline and event agenda.
  • Recruit and secure local sponsors.
  • Identify and invite speakers for host led activities.
  • Determine what materials and services you will need from outside vendors.
  • Do not forget food and beverages; room set-up, including tables and chairs; photographer; signs, banners and decorations; entertainment; and attendee giveaways.
  • Set up monthly calls with your NACCE liaison.
  • Recruit key stakeholders to participate on your Summit planning committee.

Planning: Step 2

  • Call potential speakers to seek confirmations.
  • Touch base with local sponsors to update them on your progress.
  • Contact local sponsors to subsidize food costs.
  • Choose a caterer or volunteer to organize the menu and food purchases.
  • Determine food or catering selections; provide caterers with a head count by the deadline.
  • Determine transportation access.
  • Finalize and print materials.
  • Decide who will invite media and compile a list of which outlets to target, complete with contact information.
  • Distribute invitations.
  • Determine audiovisual needs and make arrangements with the event venue.
  • Determine your social media strategy.

One Month Out

  • Contact speakers to discuss their presentations and ask if they need additional information or support, such as a NACCE Summit Power Point Template (Contact NACCE liaison)

Two Weeks Out

  • Make a list of materials to be taken to the location
  • Make staff assignments (including registration staff, note taker, audiovisual coordinator, speaker greeter, media liaison) and explain duties to all staff members.

One Week Out

  • Verify details regarding venue.
  • Conduct a site walk through.
  • Call reporters to encourage attendance.
  • Finalize and print agenda and participant list.
  • Touch base with speakers to make sure they have the correct date and location of the event, as well as the time they are expected to speak. Give speakers the name of a contact person who will greet them upon arrival.
  • Print name tags, if applicable.
  • Verify with NACCE the details of the press release.

Day Before the Event

  • Make sure all materials arrive at the venue.
  • Pack a "supply kit” with any miscellaneous materials you may need (tape, scissors, stapler, pens, pencils, paper, phone numbers or speakers, etc.)
  • Determine a location for NACCE information table.

Day of the Event

  • Arrive early and check that the location is set up correctly and that audiovisual materials requested are available and functioning. Check all microphones, projectors, audio equipments and computer connections.
  • Check the registration area. Make sure name tags and supplies are plentiful.
  • Plan to have staff members at registration approximately an hour before the start of the event.
  • Allow time for run-throughs if requested by your speakers or others participating in the event.
  • Make sure that directional signs are appropriately placed.
  • Distribute the press release.

After the Event

  • Conduct a wrap-up meeting with planning committee, including a debrief on what worked well and what could be improved for future events.
  • Prepare a written summary and evaluation of event.
  • Complete event binders and records.
  • Make sure your NACCE liaison has invoices to process payments.
  • Contact organizations that attended the event to discuss collaboration for future events and other activities.
  • Send thank you cards and notes of appreciation to committee members, volunteers, presenters, local sponsors, staff members and others involved.
  • Send follow up emails to media that attended and offer assistance with gathering more information.

Use of the NACCE Summit Series Logo

The NACCE Summit Series logo is for use exclusively NACCE Summit Series host colleges for marketing of the event in print materials, social media, website, etc.

Please read the term and conditions listed below.

Members Agree to the Following Terms and Conditions for Use of the NACCE Summit Series Logo:

  1. The NACCE Summit logo must be included in all Summit related materials, advertising, and event signage.
  2. The NACCE Summit logo may link to the NACCE home page, and to a Summit specific page on your schools official website. If so, the NACCE Summit logo must include a link to NACCE’s official website.
  3. The NACCE Summit logo must always be at least 1”x4” inches when being displayed in print or on screen.
  4. The NACCE Summit logo must appear at least 1/2” away from all other branding, text, or graphics in the layout.
  5. The NACCE Summit logo can be printed in black ink or in its original colors. Altering the color scheme without permission from NACCE is not permitted.
  6. The NACCE Summit logo may not be used in connection with disparaging statements about NACCE or NACCE products.
  7. NACCE reserves the right to disallow any use of the NACCE Summit logo
  8. Any unauthorized use of the NACCE Summit logo may result in legal action.

To address any questions or concerns about the conditions listed above, write

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