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Elevator Grant - 8th Annual Conference - Montgomery County Community College ,PA
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Montgomery County Community College (PA) will offer consulting services in Accounting, Law, Marketing and Technology to new and existing community entrepreneurs. Matching funds: $5,000. Project Director: Amit Singh


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End of summer update

Posted By Montgomery County Community College _, Tuesday, September 6, 2011

As we begin the Fall semster, we are finalizing the scheduled for the various consultants. So far we have the following consultants lined up:

  • Legal every other Thursday from 9-Noon
  • Marketing every Wednesday from10-1
  • Technology every Wednesday night from 6-9
  • Accounting - to be determined

Typically the consultants are booked a week or two in advance. We always seem to have new entrepreneurs coming in and repeat visitors as well.

The consulting services have been a huge success!

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Local Impact Numbers

Posted By Montgomery County Community College _, Thursday, July 28, 2011
Updated: Thursday, September 8, 2011

Hello NACCE members -

The numbers speak for themselves - as of July 28, 2011 we have served 71 entrepreneurs and have conducted more than 235 consulting sessions at the Montgomery County Community College Center for Entrepreneurial Studies in Blue Bell, PA.

Some of the feedback that I have received from the entrepreneurs includes:

"The consulting services that I received at the CES have kept me from wasting my time, money and effort on activities that are not going to help me grow my business. The guidance and support have allowed me to engage in activities that are the most productive and necessary to maximize these precious resources (time, money and effort)".

"The consulting services have made all the difference in the world"

" I receive so many good tips I can't sleep at night because I am so excited about what I am doing to grow my business"

Thank you again for the opportunity to provide such a valuable service to the entrepreneurial community!

Ayisha Sereni





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Testimonial from CES Incubator Client, Salvatore Nestor, regarding his experience with our Technology Consultant

Posted By Montgomery County Community College _, Thursday, June 30, 2011

Salvatore writes: I look forward to the Technology Consulting sessions that I have with Sergio not only for the vast technological information that he possesses, but because of the collateral information that he can offer. For instance, not only will he discuss the implementation of a blog site, but more importantly, he will talk about how to drive people to this site by being a "thought Leader" which is the end goal. Whatever the topic, Sergio provides a unique view on the subject matter partly from his theoretical knowledge, but he also imparts knowledge from his personal experiences on the subject.

Furthermore, I've always been a predominately "left brain" thinker, logical, sequential and looks at parts. Sergio is able to bring the "right brain" thinking to the table- intuitive, holistic and "looks at wholes”.

When I come out of our sessions, it’s hard for me to go to sleep at night as I have so many new thoughts and ideas running in my brain as a direct result of our meetings. I firmly believe that Sergio will play a significant role in my ability to successfully start and grow my new business.


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Entrepreneur Testimonial Regarding FREE Marketing Consulting Services

Posted By Montgomery County Community College _, Friday, May 27, 2011

Below please find a testimonial from our CES Incubator client, Charmaine Ijeoma, PhD. of The Golden Heart Society. Charmaine speaks of how the FREE consulting services that she has been accessing, thanks to the generous grant from the Coleman Foundation, have helped her establish her non-profit company The Golden Heart Society:

Charmaine comments "Since the Golden Heart Society is a nonprofit corporation, I filled out Form 1023 to get tax-exempt status. The form as well as its instructions are 27 pages long and they are both difficult to understand, especially for those of us who are new to the application process for getting a tax-exemption for our nonprofit. Although I did get a lot of help from RSVP/VEC representatives, Tom Costello's advice here at Montco's Center for Entrepreneurial Studies (CES) was invaluable because he gave me information that helped me avoid some of the major pitfallsthat he had fallen into when he filed Form 1023 six months ago for hisown non-profit company . Tom provided the narrative he submitted six months when applying for tax-exempt status. He also pointed out a few items he had gotten wrong on the form and the corrections he made based on what the IRS wanted. Tom also understood the urgency of getting the paperwork filed because it takes at least 90 days to get an IRS letter of approval. As a result of help from Tom and a few other consultants at CES, I was able to complete Form 1023 and to put it in the mail two days ahead of schedule".

Charmaine N. Ijeoma, Ph.D., Exec. Dir.,

The Golden Heart Society


The Golden Heart Society is a socially responsible nonprofit corporation dedicated to educating and informing the public about every aspect of foster care adoption in the United States and to increasing awareness of the dire need for loving, safe, and stable adoptive families for over 114,000 children in foster care who are legally available for adoption, and, thereby, to persuade more Americans to adopt children from foster care as a way of starting or adding to their families.

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Testimonial regarding the FREE Marketing Consulting Services

Posted By Montgomery County Community College _, Monday, April 25, 2011

Below please find a testimonial from our CES Incubator client, Matt Chalal. Matt speaks of the FREE marketing consulting services that he has been receiving thanks to the generous grant from the Coleman Foundation.

Accessing the CES Marketing Consulting services have made a positive impact and have been beneficial resource for my company. The consultant has helped my company to uncover an untapped market in which to offer our products - children with special learning needs.

The consultant has provided insightful feedback including comments from educators regarding the easy playing rules for the game and the positive experience for children. Also she assisted me in developing marketing strategies for our products that include provide unique copy features touting the benefits and features of the Flashcar math-learning game that are specifically geared to the target audience.

The consultant and I have worked together to expand our marketing initiatives and worked to focus on strategies that will help increase product awareness within a certain group consumers. I have enjoyed developing a great relationship with her and look forward to continued positive results as I move forward.

CES marketing services are offered on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons.

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From the Legal Consultant's Perspective

Posted By Montgomery County Community College _, Monday, March 28, 2011
Updated: Monday, April 25, 2011

Individual Legal consulting sessions have been offered every Thursday from 9 am to 12 noon since November.

Over 25 entrepreneurs have taken advantage of the FREE Legal consulting services.

A sampling of topics and issues covered includes:

 Assisted with drafting capital asset transfer and licensing agreements.

 Assisted with risk evaluation and insurance policy evaluation for multi-media exposures.

 Assisted with corporate name changes and proper organizational structuring for specific needs of several organizations.

 Reviewed and provided recommendations on business proposals and subsequent counter proposals.

 Reviewed existing consumer contract and assisted in redrafting to comply with state law.

 Assisted in drafting services contract for new business to use in making proposals.

 Reviewed lease agreement between commercial landlord and new business tenant and assisted with modifications to best protect client.

 Assisted with establishing new business, securing licensing documents, drafting of consumer contracts

 Provided guidance regarding trademark search, company application, and company naming procedures.

 Provided guidance on land development matters and business entity formation

 Assisted with issues relating to the use of electronic signatures in business

In addition to the above, a two hour "Legal Contracts" seminar was held on February 24 with approximately 15 people in attendance.

Many thanks to the Coleman Foundation - the above services would not be possible without your generous contribution to the Montgomery County Community College Center for Entrepreneurial Studies.


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CES Incubator Client Testimonial

Posted By Montgomery County Community College _, Monday, February 28, 2011

Below please find a testimonial from our CES Incubator client, Tim Beckham. Tim speaks of the FREE Legal and Technology (IT) consulting servcices that he has been receiving thanks to the generous grant from the Coleman Foundation.


I am writing you to express my appreciation and admiration for the superb support and assistance that MCCC and you offer us in the Center for Entrepreneurial Studies. As you know, I am developing the website,, and have been associated with CES since the beginning of the program at MCCC. It gives me great pleasure to write that I have never been disappointed in the help I have received from both yourself and the excellent, highly professional, consulting advisors that CES offers.

The experience I have had with two of your advisors deserves special mention. I refer to Sergio Carbone, advisor for IT, and Rich Kelly, attorney. Both of these individuals are of top-notch caliber and have helped to guide me in the beginning stages of my efforts, both with expert professional advice and with a clear concern for my professional well-being in the all-important early stages of business development. Sergio Carbone commands an impressive depth and scope in business management, as well as the highly technical aspects of programming and IT. His personal experience in running his own successful business is evident in the consulting advice he offers. It is rare to find in one individual such keen talent in such diverse aspects of business, but Sergio has clearly mastered both. I have found his support to be invaluable and look forward to every visit he makes to my office.

Likewise, Rich Kelly is highly knowledgeable in the legal matters of major concern to a small business like my own. His knowledge of both the law and the practical aspects of a startup business makes his advice especially pertinent, whether it is over the right choice of liability insurance or the structuring of business operations to minimize risk. His understanding of the complicated ins and outs of a small businessperson's decision process has helped me tremendously. I try to see Rich as often as I can.

Thank you for the excellent services you are providing. I intend to continue at MCCC for as long as I may, in order to take advantage of what you offer. I am confident that all my fellow clients at CES feel the same.

Sincerely, Tim Beckham

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January Update

Posted By Montgomery County Community College _, Wednesday, February 2, 2011

The MCCC Center for Entrepreneurial Studies (CES) is off to a busy start in 2011.


Thanks to the Coleman Foundation, we have been able to put the following FREE consulting services in place:



Marketing Consulting 2:30-3:30



Financial Accounting Consulting Noon-3:00PM

Technology 6:00-9:30



Legal Services 9:00AM-Noon

Marketing Consulting 2:30-4:30


 I am happy to report that numerous entrepreneurs are already utilizing the consulting services.


Later in February - stay tuned for testimonials from the entrepreneurs that have benefited from accessing the expertise of our consultants, and how their business have been favorably impacted by having access to this valuable service!

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Posted By Montgomery County Community College _, Tuesday, December 14, 2010

The Montgomery County Community College Center for Entrepreneurial Studies (CES) wishes to express its gratitude and sincere thanks to the Coleman Foundation for awarding $12,500 to be used towards offering business consulting services to community entrepreneurs in the vital areas of accounting, legal, marketing, and technology in order to help them sustain their businesses. Entrepreneurs will receive valuable advice that will impact critical business decisions and greatly influence their day to day operations. These critical consulting services will assist entrepreneurs that may not have the funds available to obtain professional counseling, and most importantly could make the difference between the success and failure of their firm.

About Us

Please click on this link to view our YouTube video from our grand opening event in August 2010 and to see our facility:


 *** Be sure to stay tuned for regular updates regarding our consulting services program***

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Support Documents

Posted By Matthew R. Montoya, Friday, October 29, 2010
Support Documents

 Attached Files:

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