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Elevator Grant - 8th Annual Conference - Metropolitan Community College, NE
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Metropolitan Community College (NE) will develop 20 faculty champions for entrepreneurship from across campus to embed entrepreneurship concepts into their classes. Matching funds: $4,900. Project Director: Heather Nelson


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Program Launch! Time For Workshop #1

Posted By Metropolitan Community College - NE _, Saturday, October 1, 2011
Updated: Saturday, October 1, 2011

Our pilot program enabled us funding for 20 participants.  But due to the overwhelming surprise number of applicants....and 2 of them coming from "teams" (or departments wanting to work as teams to tackle the idea of how to embed entrepreneurship at a higher level across the department and into multiple classrooms or in multiple ways at a time - which was COOL!), we accepted 23 participants into the program.  15 were working individually and the other eight were from 2 teams (The English Department and the Culinary Program).  All in all, our pilot program touched 13 program areas across the campus.  The other 11 programs included:

Accounting, Business (Management/Marketing), Arts, Photography, Human Relations, Psychology, Ethics, Science/Anatomy/Physiology/Genetics, Info Technology, History and Solar Energy. 

What great new Champions we have waving the flag for entrepreneurship / intrapreneurship / innovation & creativity!

The first workshop theme was "Engaging Entrepreneurs".  The basic premise was to introduce the attendees to:

1.  MCC's existing ENTR program - (so not to duplicate efforts)

2.  Identifying Entrepreneurial Characteristics (in general)

3.  How to identify those characteristics in our students

4.  How to create discussions and assignments that "talk" to entrepreneurs while still reaching their subject/discipline objectives.


A good starting place was for each to first understand who they are categorized by being an Entrepreneur, an Intrapreneur, an Innovator or Creative Thinker, or finally the Key Employee.  This gave the opportunity to go over the differences which I represented with posters that were color coded.  Each were then asked to blow up a balloon that represented "their color".....and let me say that the room became very colorful as balloons became tied together, were put one inside the other to represent an outer/inner shell.  They were indeed very much into this exercise!  Each placed their balloons on a wall throughout the room and stood in groups of now new found friends of similar mindset.  This led us into introductions of whom everyone was and what we taught.  Very enlightening first day's workshop! 

The characteristics generated by table teams were each placed one on a post it note that were then shared with the class and placed on a "wall cloud". One could quickly see the unique traits brainstormed as well as the common traits that each group identified.  I retained the post it notes of the individual words and my assistant so graciously entered them into the program at and created a picture of a star of the words that we later inserted on the final graduating certificates (see attachment).  The larger words means that these are characteristics that were duplicated by teams.

 See pictures attached for this first workshop experience.

I've additionally attached:

1.  Workshop #1 Introduction Email

2.  Workshop #2 Faculty Participant Handout (with Agenda)

3.  Graduating Certificate showing the "Star" designing of Entrepreneurial Traits created at

I do hope that it helps you create your own similar "champion" program.

 - thanks!







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Tags:  Engaging Entrepreneurship  Entrepreneurship Across The Curriuclum  Faculty Champion  MCC  Metro  Nelson  Student Mindset 

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Program Planning: Research & Application Process

Posted By Metropolitan Community College - NE _, Saturday, October 1, 2011
Updated: Saturday, October 1, 2011

Hello Fellow NACCE members!

Metro Community College's Coleman Grant timeline ran from June -September 2011 (we seriously just finished this up yesterday - whew!), for our inaugural offering of the newly created Entrepreneur Champions Across The Curriculum! program.  And might I has been an exciting endeavor to work with 21 of my peer faculty from thirteen discipline areas.  I encourage every single school to implement a program such as this, as the enthusiasm for the subject of entrepreneurship has multiplied 100x since our start from our leadership down to the Dean's areas impacted and now through to our new Faculty Champion graduates. 

In the planning stages of developing this program, I began to research and research everywhere I could to find what other Universities and CC's were doing in relation to this subject.  To hopefully help YOU start YOUR OWN program, here's my first steps taken:


1.  Visited with Dr. Tim Stearns, Coleman Foundation Chair In Entrepreneur and Executive Director of the Lyles Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship at California University State, Fresno.  He started several years a prior a similar "Champion" program from Professors across the curriculum and shared his application (which he further gave me permission to share with each of you).  Tim takes only a few professors each year into his Champion Program and was exhausted for me at the thought of having to work with 20 in one setting....and I now understand his empathy.  Ironically, with our second running of MCC's program next year - we are decreasing our pool size to 10 to more effectively manage the needs (I was very surprised at how 1/4 of our participants really "didn't get it" and needed several individual meetings and custom help with their assignments....but bless their hearts they had the passion and desire to "get it" and eventually did :).    I'm also going to take Tim's suggestion and require in our second year's running that each applicant be pre-approved by their area Dean.  Originally, MCC decided not to task the Dean's to be involved in this; nor did we want to cause more turnaround time needed in the application process.  But now that we are wanting to be more selective and be sure that we are working with high level participants, we are going to implement his suggesion.  Attached is Fresno's application and program outline for YOUR hopeful program development. 

At MCC, we had a very simple application process that went out by email blast.  It is attached.  Despite only asking for a 1 paragraph summary with additional misc. information to be emailed; I was surprised at how many faculty wanted a "canned application" form.  Also attached is our example of prior work that we had done with other Instructors already to motivate and guide them.  THIS was very, very helpful as it proved to be the "ah-ah" moment for those that weren't quite in understanding of what the program was all about.

2.  I reviewed the Coleman Foundation's new site for its "Coleman Fellow" program - a similar program for University Professors at.  Even just in the past few months, this website has become even more robust with its Professors loading up sample syllabi, articles, discussions, etc....  good stuff!

3.  But, the single best find that prepared for a mindset of working on the topic of Entrepreneurship Across The Curriculum was this book:

Handbook of University-wide Entrepreneurship Education

Edited by G. Page West III, Elizabeth J. Gatewood and Kelly G. Shaver

ISBN 978-1-84720-455-4

I purchased it via Amazon for roughly $155.  Link at:

The first part of the book is written in chapter/book format as what to-do.  The second part of the book are actual case studies from Universities all around the globe doing just they have implemented entrepreneurship into their entire schools OR specific disciplne areas.  Example areas covered are:  science, liberal arts (generally), law, civics, etc....

4.  I contacted the Academic publishers to have them hunt for books or chapters within books on the crossing of disciplines with entrepreneurship and this was not successful at if anyone wants an entrepreneurial opportunity - you can write books on this! 

5.  But, my own collection of finding books over the past two years as I"ve been thinking about this, capturing articles as they've come across my desk and finding associations that supported specific discipline areas and contacting them for help proved a success!  I was able to have books on the following subjects ready for my new 20 (it actually turned out to be 23) recruits on the subjects of:

-technology entrepreneurship

-ethics and entrepreneurship

-corporate entrepreneurship (intrapreneurship)

-arts entrepreneurship

-science entrepreneurship

-engineering entrepreneurship

-etc.....the list goes on ;)


Feel free to use and abuse the attachments from either Tim or myself as you wish - that's the Nebraska way of getting things done without recreating the wheel.  And what we do a second time (or next time) will always therefore be better and be better usage of the coleman's grant funds!



Download File (DOCX)

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Tags:  application  entrepreneurship across the curriculum  faculty champion  Fresno 

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