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Elevator Grant - 7th Annual Conference - Lehigh Carbon Community College, PA
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$7,500 to support the High School Pathways to Entrepreneurship. High school teachers and students will be introduced to entrepreneurship through teacher workshops and a summer camp for students. An Entrepreneurship Pathways Committee of high school teachers and college faculty will be established to develop collaborative programs and curriculum articulation.


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July - Entrepreneur Camp Update

Posted By Lehigh Carbon Community College _, Friday, August 6, 2010

With the camp scheduled to start on July 12th we held our last planning meet on July 7th. The attendance numbers stood at 18. We reviewed what would take place and that we would have the students get into groups by the month of their birth. We would also have them use the marshmallow and spaghetti to work as a group to build a building.

I learned that everyone had been given the wrong starting time. Instead of being to 8:00am they were told 9:00am. Alison agreed to call everyone on our list and let them know the correct time. Most were not at home when the calls went out. So some of the parents called back they were again given the wrong starting time. I decided to play it by ear on Monday and be there with things for the group to do at 8:00 and then wait until 9:00 to actually start the program. Thus we would correct the time as the parents came in to sign up the kids. At this time we obtained a medical release and a photo release from the parents.

The program started with getting the kids into groups. It had occurred to me that a solution to the kids into age groups was to also have them use there month and year of birth to get into groups. This worked well with the kids quickly developing was to get into order without talking. We allowed the kids to work at their own pace on their own business ideas. A number had come to the camp with ideas to work on. If after two days they had not come up with an idea of their own we had them work with someone in their group who had an idea. By the end of the first week almost all had developed an idea of their on to work on.

During the camp we would present a different business idea each day. Talk on the subject and try to have an entrepreneur talk on how they used this area when starting their business. We also so used Website, Video and other methods to present the days them.

We recorded most of the camp on video and also took a group picture of the camp. A copy of the group photo plus a certificate of completion was give to each student. Certificates of appreciation were given to everyone who had helped with the camp.

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Entrepreneur Camp Update

Posted By Lehigh Carbon Community College _, Tuesday, July 6, 2010
With just a little more than a week until the start of the entrepreneur camp plans are coming along very nicely. Currently there are 18 students and volunteers signed up for the two week summer camp. We have learned some things already which will help us next year. e ran the registration through the non-credit camp centrat program. This presented some difficulties obtaining important information about the registrants back ground and ages. We also had difficulty knowing where our marketing was effective or where it had to be intensified. My next posting will be the results of the workshops and more recommendations for future workshops. I will also be hosting a session at the 8th annual conference in Orlando.

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Summer Entrepreneur Camp Update

Posted By Lehigh Carbon Community College _, Monday, April 19, 2010

In March the "Business Educators Workshop” was held by the Business Enterprise Center to develop interest in the Entrepreneur Camp among High School Teachers. In the afternoon, session of the workshop, a discussion was held with the teacher to see what they thought should be in the camp.

During the remainder of March and into April, instructors were secured to teach the camp, room and space was reserved for the camp and planing was started on what material should be presented and in what way.

On April 16th a planning meeting was held with the camp instructors, advisor, an entrepreneur, to plan how the camp would be run and what the students would do during the camp. Each student is to work on his or her own business idea and develop a business plan for their business idea. The students may work along, obtain help from their fellow camp members, or from the instructors, or entrepreneurs at the camp. They will develop their business plan as far, as possible in the two weeks of the camp. Materials will be given to the students that they can use to continue working on the business idea after the camp.

The instructors will have ideas of fun ways to introduce the students to leadership and team work through actives that will also be incorporated into the camp through out parts of the day. An advisor is working on developing these activities. A business plan workbook is to be developed for the students to use as a guide to use in developing their business idea.

Submitted by

Carlton R. Raines, PE

Summer Entrepreneur Camp Project Manager

Associate Director Business Enterprise Center

Lehigh Carbon Community College

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Educator Workshop

Posted By Lehigh Carbon Community College _, Saturday, April 10, 2010

On March 18 2010 Lehigh Carbon Community College hosted a workshop for high school business teachers and FBLA advisors. The goal was to not only educate the attendees on new ways to teach Entrepreneurship but to excite the teachers so they would go back to their districts and advertise our Entrepreneur Summer Camp for high school students. We applied for and were granted 6 hours Act 48 credits.

In attendance we had 40 attendees from 6 school districts. The evaluations were outstanding for all the speakers, and many of the attendees wanted to know when the next workshop was scheduled. One attendee volunteer to be an instructor for the summer camp.

Several attendees stayed after the workshop to discuss further techniques for teaching entrepreneurship and innovative projects.

The workshop was a hugh success, now lets just hope we get the high school students to come to the summer camp. We have slots for 25, I have 5 teachers and 1 coordinator.

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Summer Entrepreneur Camp - Brochure

Posted By Lehigh Carbon Community College _, Wednesday, March 10, 2010
Summer Entrepreneur Camp - Brochure

Download File (PDF)

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Business Faculty Workshop

Posted By Lehigh Carbon Community College _, Wednesday, January 13, 2010
Updated: Wednesday, January 27, 2010
In preparation for the summer camp I chose to offer a workshop for area high school business teachers and Future Business Leaders advisors. There are two purposes one is to educate the teachers and advisors about the new funding from the Feds for small business start-ups. The second and more important point is to use the attendees to market the Entrepreneur Summer Camp.
Please find attached the program description, goals for the workshop, and the learning objectives. I had to create this document for my application for ACT 48 credits for the HS attendees.
The dates for the summer camp have been established for July 12th through July 23rd, from 8am to 12 noon. This is a 40 hour camp, opened to high school students in Lehigh and Carbon counties.

Download File (DOC)

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Joint operating committee meeting

Posted By Lehigh Carbon Community College _, Monday, January 11, 2010
On December 14, 2009 I met with the faculty and administration for Lehigh Carbon Technical Institute. They are very excited about the Summer Entrepreneur camp. Cyndee Barkley faculty member from the business division will be working with me not only on the camp but the mentor/business teachers workshop scheduled for March 11, 2010. We are hoping that the workshop attendees will be the marketing mechanism to get the students to come to the camp. The workshop will feature member of SCORE as well as the small business association.

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Preliminary work for Summer Camp

Posted By Lehigh Carbon Community College _, Thursday, November 12, 2009
Updated: Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Summer Entrepreneur Camp

Summer 2010 Lehigh Carbon Community College and the Business Enterprise Center will sponsor a summer camp for you entrepreneurs. Richard Warner obtained a grant from the Coleman Foundation for not only the camp but a Act 48 accredited high school faculty workshop planned for March 2010. This workshop will discuss all the aspects of starting your own business and what business skills  should be taught in the high school curriculum. It is hoped that the faculty will go back to their school districts and encourage their seniors and graduates attend this summer camp. The structure of the camp is similar to the Junior Achievement where students come up with a business idea and develop all aspects of that business to make it a reality.

Any new 2010 high school graduates or seniors are eligible for this camp.

Download File (PDF)

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Establish and Advisory Committee

Posted By Lehigh Carbon Community College _, Tuesday, November 3, 2009
Updated: Tuesday, November 3, 2009
This program has two parts to it, the first part is to offer a workshop for Future Business leaders Association  (FBLA) advisors as well as high school business teachers to ultimately help with the marketing of the entrepreneur summer camp 2010. The committee is composed of representatives from Lehigh Carbon Technical Institute (LCTI), the dual enrollment coordinator, representative from the community, and myself director of the Business Enterprise Center. This committee's first task will be to organize the workshop scheduled for March 11, 2010. The goals, objectives, and outcomes are necessary to have the workshop accredited for Act 48 credits. The theme of the workshop will be infusing entrepreneurship into the secondary education curriculum. 

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