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Elevator Grant - 7th Annual Conference - Bunker Hill Community College, MA
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2010 End of Year Report to the Coleman Foundation

Posted By Bunker Hill Community College _, Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Bunker Hill Community College

Community Center for Entrepreneurship

2010 End of Year Report to the Coleman Foundation

The Community Center for Entrepreneurship (CCE) at Bunker Hill Community College received its third and Elevator Grant from the Coleman Foundation in January 2010. CCE’s goals for the grant were as follows:

• Host Facebook and Twitter discussion forum for student entrepreneurs.

• College students mentor high school entrepreneurs – a Pathway to Bunker Hill Community College (BHCC).

• Host events for both high schools teaching the National Foundation for Teaching Entrepreneurship (NFTE) curriculum and the Young Entrepreneurs Alliance (YEA).

• Run a summer program for high school students.

This End-of-Year Report discusses steps taken and accomplishments achieved relating to these four grant objectives.

Host Facebook and Twitter discussion forum for student entrepreneurs.

Throughout the 2010 Calendar year, the CCE worked with a BHCC student from the Computer and Information Technology Department to develop and manage our social media presence. This student developed both a ‘friend’ page and a ‘fan’ page for the Center on Facebook and uploaded video content developed from 2009 CCE events in order to develop and launch an ongoing interactive forum for students who are linked to the CCE Facebook page.

As the year progressed, we discovered that the majority of ‘friends’ and ‘fans’ of the CCE on Facebook were local professionals rather than BHCC students, so we opted to focus on continuing to develop our Facebook presence to try and attract students to the page before starting a Twitter discussion forum. We hosted information tables and Entrepreneurship Events for the CCE at which we asked for students to sign up to be on our mailing list and used that data to encourage students to connect to our Facebook page, but this did not increase our student population of friends or fans, and attempts to launch discussions were not continued by users.

Key lesson learned: sharing interactive content multiple times a day, every day, may be a better way to maintain an engaged friend and fan base for the CCE but students may not be using Facebook for educational/informative content and discussion as much as local professionals are.

College students mentor high school entrepreneurs – a Pathway to Bunker Hill Community College.

In May 2010, the CCE connected with a group of BHCC students that had sought out business coaching from the Center or had already launched their own independent business efforts and invited them to a joint event with high school student entrepreneurs who are part of the Young Entrepreneurs Alliance. This organization operates in vocational and technical high schools in Massachusetts and helps them develop a student-run business as part of their existing course content. We hoped this event would serve to launch ongoing mentoring relationships between BHCC and high school student entrepreneurs.

While the event was informative and served as the foundation for our ongoing relationship with the Young Entrepreneurs Alliance, BHCC student feedback was that they were unable to make the necessary commitment to ongoing mentoring relationships outside of school. As a result, we refocused our efforts on developing events in which "situational mentoring” could take place between our students and local high school students. We invited BHCC students to our summer high school entrepreneurship camp and developed two entrepreneurship events for high school students during Global Entrepreneurship Week. Unfortunately, BHCC student work schedules conflicted with our summer camp schedule and one of the two Global Entrepreneurship Week events had to be postponed due to MCAS preparation schedules. The event that was hosted, in partnership with our Tech Prep Program at BHCC, brought 120 high school students from four Boston area high schools and provided these students with the opportunity to connect with students and faculty in our Professional Studies programs that most often inspire students to start their own businesses, namely Hospitality, Computer and Information Technology, Web Design and Gaming, Graphic Design and Business. This provided opportunities for BHCC students to share their experiences and answer questions of high school students about both their academic experiences as well as their entrepreneurial interests.

As part of the Tech Prep event, we developed a student survey to gather data about student interests in entrepreneurship and their planned course of study in post-secondary education (if any). Our survey found that 74% of students were interested in starting their own business and of those, 57% planned to study business in college. The rest of the responses were evenly distributed across professional studies categories.

Key lesson learned: structured, event-focused interactions between BHCC and high school students provides a mentoring structure for that is a more realistic fit for BHCC student schedules.

Host events for both high schools teaching the National Foundation for Teaching Entrepreneurship (NFTE) curriculum and the Young Entrepreneurs Alliance (YEA).

As discussed previously in this report, the CCE hosted a joint event with YEA in May 2010. The second high school event scheduled for Global Entrepreneurship Week that had to be postponed was a joint event with YEA, where students in the schools that planned to attend were unable to leave campus due to MCAS examination preparation sessions. The CCE plans to reschedule that YEA event for Spring 2011.

Due to both a decrease in the number of NFTE chapters operating in the Boston area and a change in the leadership of the New England NFTE chapter, the CCE was unable to schedule joint events with NFTE chapters in 2010. We are in discussion with Jennifer Green, the new Program Director for NFTE New England regarding possible events in the Spring of 2011.

Run a summer program for high school students.

The CCE ran a three-week summer entrepreneurship program for high school students in July of 2010 (see Appendix 1 for Curriculum outline). The program curriculum and lesson plans were developed by an MBA intern from Simmons School of Management and was delivered by another MBA intern, also from Simmons, in conjunction with the Coordinator of the CCE and the BHCC Entrepreneur-In-Residence, Joe Coté.

Highlights of the program included a field trip to the flagship Life Is Good Retail Store on Newbury Street in Boston, MA where students got to meet and ask questions of one of the Founders of the Company. At the end of the three weeks, the students gave a 5 minute presentation about the business that they want to start, covering all of the content areas taught during the three weeks.


While high school (and college) students rely upon social networking for their communications, they apparently don’t go to Facebook for academic-related information. BHCC is currently developing ‘Life Map’, a one-stop portal for students. We will be able to communicate with all entrepreneurship students at BHCC via this portal, though it still leaves us the challenge of finding the most effective way of direct communication with high school students.

The YEA, a local, small organization, because of its organizational nature, is far easier to work with than any state or national organization. The best high school student attendance at BHCC’s entrepreneurship events has been either through the YEA, or through the Perkins Tech Prep program when our Tech Prep Coordinator has worked directly with high school Guidance Counselors. We will continue to work with her. Mentoring of high school students by BHCC students will continue to be event-focused.

The Coleman Grant has been key to the CCE ‘rounding-off’ its service to entrepreneurs of all ages and experience. We are now in a good position to ascend to the next level of our entrepreneurship initiative which is the development of a student-run business of campus.

Appendix 1: Summer High School Program Curriculum

Week 1





Field trip


July 5


July 6


July 7


July 8


July 9

School Holiday

Intro to Business & Market Forces

Enterprises and Business Models

Economics and Marketing - Introductions

Marketing – product/Placement/(and business positioning)



Reflecting On Pitching


Reflecting on Your Mantra and Business Model


Reflecting on Marketing


Program Overview


Brainstorming Entrepreneurship


Identifying and Understanding Your Industry Parts 1 & 2


Intro to Supply and Demand


Evaluating the Marketing of Johnny Cupcakes


Exploring Characteristics of Entrepreneurs


Supply & Demand Game

11:40-12:10 –

Travel to Newbury Street/Introduce Worksheets for observation

12:25-1pm Break

12:25-1pm Break

12:25-1pm Break

12:10-1:10 Lunch downtown


Creating Your Pitch


Business Model Analysis


Intro to Marketing


Visits to Life is Good and Johnny Cupcakes


Guest Speaker –

German Lam. Creating a Vision for your Business/Pitching/Launching


Guy Kawasaki Video & Debrief


Evaluating the Marketing Strategy of Life Is Good, Inc.


Journal Writing Assignment: Writing your 30 second and 5 minute business pitch


Journal Writing Assignment – Developing my business mantra and business model


Journal Writing Assignment – Products and Placement


Field trip overflow/

Debrief marketing similarities/differences between two companies

Week 2


July 12


July 13


July 14


July 15


July 16

Marketing – Promotion and Price






Reflect on Field Trip/Last Week


Reflecting on Marketing


Reflection on Value Chains


Reflections on Operations


Reflections on Accounting


Marketing Strategies


Understanding the Value Chain – Parts 1 & 2


Understanding Operations Activity

10:30-11:30 Fundamentals of Balance Sheets, Income Statements, Fixed & Variable Costs


Exploring Sources of funding


Competitive Differentiation (to 12pm)/ Revisiting their Business Models


My Value Chain


Operational Structures


Key Financial Ratios

11:30-12:25 Video

Margaret Heffernan & Secret Millionaire

12:25-1pm Break

12:25-1pm Break

12:25-1pm Break

12:25-1pm Break

12:25-1pm Break


Branding Activity


Patagonia’s Footprint Chronicles Activity


Review of Kickass Cupcakes Bakery and Store Website


Financial Statements Activity

1-2 Guest Speaker –Tony Fontes The Challenges of Finding Funding


Brand Awareness Video Game

1:45-2:15pm Travel to Patagonia Store, Newbury Street


Field Trip – Kickass Cupcakes Bakery and Store


Key Financial Ratios Activity


Writing and Reviewing a Funding Proposal


Journal Writing Assignment – The "4 P’s” for my business

2:15-3:25pm Field Trip to Patagonia Store, Newbury Street


Journal Writing Assignment – Reflecting on the Financial Aspects of my Business


Students will share Proposals Out-loud & Guest speaker will announce winner

Week 3


July 19


July 20


July 21


July 22


July 23

Leading and Building Successful Teams

Assessing and Building Your Team

Professional Outlook

Business Ethics

Program Wrap-Up


Reflections on Funding Sources


Reflections on Leading and Building Teams


Reflections on Working as a Team


Business Ethics


Final Presentation Practice

10:30-11:30 Guest Speaker – Paul Sullivan, Exploring Characteristics of Effective Leaders


Myers-Briggs test taking


Guest Speaker Prof. Kathleen O’Neill, Presenting Yourself Professionally


Video "TEN9EIGHT” & Discuss ethical dilemma faced by competition winner featured in film


Exploring Characteristics of Effective Leaders (activity)


Discussion of results/application to career paths and team building


Learning PowerPoint




Team Building Exercise & Debrief – Unraveling the Knot

12:25-1pm Break

12:25-1pm Break

12:25-1pm Break

12:25-1pm Break

12:30-2pm party


Building Successful Teams Activity


Scavenger Hunt


Creating Presentations on Students’ businesses


Journal Writing Exercise – The ethical core of my business


Written reflections on the program

1:30-3 Video - The Apprentice


Ice Cream Field Trip – Emack & Bolio’s; discuss benefits and challenges of working as a team


Sharing Reflections/Next steps students will take in launching their businesses


Discussion/Debrief of Leadership Styles in The Apprentice


Practicing the Presentation

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