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Elevator Grant - 7th Annual Conference - Bunker Hill Community College, MA
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December 2010 Post

Posted By Bunker Hill Community College _, Tuesday, January 4, 2011

The year has gone by so fast: it is hard to believe that this is our last monthly report. Despite the distractions of finals and holiday spirit, we have been working on ‘Student Reflections on Entrepreneurship’, which will be published in January. I am including some excerpts to give you a taste of the interesting and very personal insights our students have shared with us.

Thank you Coleman Foundation and NACCE for all the encouragement you have given us. Thanks to your support, the Community Center for Entrepreneurship at Bunker Hill Community College is increasingly integrated into everyday life at Bunker Hill Community College. While this does not relate to the grant, I would like to share with you that our Entrepreneurship Club students have written a business plan for a student-run business on campus. Bunker Hill is a Regional Cisco Networking Academy and the recent regional meeting focused on new PassPort21 Networking Entrepreneurship Simulation which we are ‘test-driving’ at BHCC. We are discussing the development of possible joint Entrepreneurship/IT course. Inter-disciplinary certificates in Entrepreneurship and Gaming/Hospitality/Graphic Arts will be rolled out this spring.

It has been a very successful year, and we look forward to 2011. In the meantime, we send you our best wishes for the holiday season and New Year.

Students Write About Entrepreneurship

I realized [that being an entrepreneur] was perfect for my life, and I fell in love with the idea of becom­ing a successful one myself. Everywhere I look today there are business opportunities all around me.

Mike Sodano

I believe that being an entrepreneur is absolutely exciting and satisfying. It re­quires great ambition, commitment, effort, enthusiasm, dedica­tion, optimism, and tolerance. However, it repays with potential career advancement and growth in profit. It depends what an individual considers more important in life. I believe that self-actualization is really important; in fact, one of my dreams is to be a consultant ac­countant after getting enough experience in the financial industry. I am really ambitious and firm about my career choice, and it is not just the dream of a young student; it is my career objective. I am aware of the long way in front of me and the great dedica­tion required, but I am sure that the personal satisfaction I will get is more valuable. Entre­preneurship is compa­rable to a relationship between a person and a business; it is a game of giving and receiv­ing. A business will give back as much as it has received. By giving importance and dedi­cation to the business, entrepreneurs will be satisfied and content with the results.

Anjeza Shkoza

I always see my father as an entre­preneur; he’s a man that had very little economically, but he knew that what he wanted was to have his own business and be his own boss. He’s been an entrepre­neur for more than 15 years, and is my inspiration for hav­ing my own business at some point in my life. My father is not rich but he was able to raise his family very well and give us only the best. I know that being an entre­preneur gave him the advantage to do many things in life.

Yessenia Peña

To me an entrepre­neur is someone who has a dream of own­ing their own business and although there are many risks the entrepreneur strives towards the dream and does not let any­thing stop them. There are some risks to own­ing and operating a business but the pride of seeing your dream in the works and up and running is unlike any­thing. Waking up every morning knowing you absolutely love what you do and knowing you are living out your dream is what entrepre­neurship means to me.

Nicole Luongo

Entrepreneurship is as exciting as Vegas, with lights and interest­ing people of all walks, staring at you. Entre­preneurship requires abilities far beyond our basic characteristics. Entrepreneurship is innovations and ideas from everything that we see, eat, drink, hear and feel. Entrepreneur­ship is endless oppor­tunities from all round the globe.

Wevertton Souza

Entrepreneurs take a step of faith and put their idea or dream to the test and not give into the thought that it might not come to pass or be accomplished. An entrepreneur is a per­son who will not give up no matter what obstacle may come their way. Even when the idea does not work or the dream may come to an end they know that at least they gave it a shot. It does not stop there, but they find a way to make the changes necessary to complete or redesign it. [An entrepreneur] is a person who will dare to step into the unknown, give it their all and will not accept ‘no’ as an an­swer and will not be ashamed to make the necessary changes.

Adaliz Rodriguez

An entrepreneur is persistent and will not stop when faced with a few skeptics. Not every business is going to take off right away and be success­ful. An entrepreneur won’t let this bog them down, but will motivate themselves and others to work towards their goal.

Tana Bramley

At this point it’s hard to say if anything is going to be success­ful, but with an open mind and the right attitude I believe I can make anything pos­sible.

Mike Sodano

For me, what it comes down to is, am I willing to take the fi­nancial risk? I’ve been broke before, and I don’t ever want to be that again.

Kathleen Hannan

I have always admired entrepre­neurs no matter whether their end results were a suc­cess or a failure. This is because being an entrepreneur takes tremendous amounts of courage and risks.

Hin Fung Lau

Energy is the key to overcoming the fear of risk, and serves as pro­pulsion to help the in­dividual maintain his focus, and accept any potential failures as successes. There is risk as well as opportunity for an employee who works in a large corpo­ration, so by definition that individual can also be an entrepreneur. It’s a non-standard view of the employee/employer dynamic but one that allows this student to maintain a mindset that keeps working "FOR” a com­pany in perspective.

Jamal Kirk

A lot of people try to be entrepreneurs and for most people it just doesn’t work out the way they want. Good entrepreneurs stick to their plans and keep trying to pursue their goals.

Brian Adler

Every decision of an entrepreneur can affect the company, so an entrepreneur needs to have a clear mind and be confident in his/her decisions. Sometimes, he/she needs to be able to take some risks; it may bring something unexpected to the com­pany, maybe a good or a bad thing, who knows? But you have to be ready for this, because an entrepre­neur should seize every opportunity! Business is changing so fast every day, so an entrepreneur should be able to catch up with the trends and be positive.

Edith Au

their commands and guide­lines, or help others pursue their ideas. Some people don’t particularly enjoy the amount of responsibility an entrepreneur has, and that scares them away from being in business


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